The Long Wait for Superman Continues...

Through close examination of the film, one is able to determine the behind-the-scenes work that plays an important role in regards to public school education in America. However, this role is quite detrimental to students' success as a whole, as American public school education continues to watch its own degradation occur over the years, despite little sources of prevention. Guggenheim's documentary, Waiting for Superman, was an individualized effort to point out the negative recurring themes and ideas that present themselves as obstacles in the film, thus, providing a quintessential model to his argument. More importantly, Guggenheim interprets the audacity of his argument pertaining to the systematic failure as one of the main driving forces in regards to the surprising downfall of education in a more developed nation. The few answers that are provided in the film give us reason to believe that there is little hope in the near future, unless we are somehow able to develop a superhuman that possesses the substantial elements needed to prevent further damage from occurring.

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Davis Guggenheim, Billy Kimball, Diane Weyermann, Geoffrey Canada, Lesley Chilcott, Jeff Skoll